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Are you an editor, publisher or website manager that can benefit from the humorous music cartoons of Buddy and Hopkins? Contact me directly for a link to a special web page providing more samples and rates. The music comic strip is available for individual purchase or for syndication. These cartoons will add the perfect touch of humor and color for your blog, website, magazine, or newsletter! Be sure to email me for usage rates! Please indicated the type of publication you own and it's subscription base or amount of hits. Thank you!

These are just a few samples! There are over 350 Buddy and Hopkins comic strips and a new one is produced each week!:

Music cartoons 1

Music cartoons 2

Music Cartoons 4

Music cartoons 3


"The editors of BluesWax (www.blueswax.com), the largest Blues publication in the world, were looking for an additional feature to add to our already popular BluesBytes page, where we feature show reviews and special interest feature articles. We never even thought about a music comic strip, but when we met Jay Nocera and his friends "Buddy and Hopkins," we knew we had a winner. It is nice that we can add the color and humor to the serious business of the Blues and "Buddy and Hopkins" are just the lighthearted feature that we needed. Many of our readers (and editors!) are developing the habit of checking in with the boys in the band each week. Jay Nocera's artwork and humor is the perfect addition to our BluesBytes page. It is great to see that Jay has found a unique and fun way to help keep the Blues alive. We now consider "Buddy and Hopkins" to be permanent residents at BluesWax and look forward to following their budding careers." -- Chip Eagle, Publisher of BluesWax

"I've read the 'funny pages' in the newspaper since I was a little girl and I am glad Jason has created this music comic strip for the web. It enhances our site." -- Karen Usher, www.bluestormmusic.com

"I think the cartoon strips are a nice feature to our website! The characters are charming, the graphics bold and vivid."
-- Jan Ramsey, President of James River Blues Society

"Jason's original music cartoons add a bright, funny surprise when you open our web page. Jason does his homework and makes the graphics to custom fit our space. Great work, thanks Jason!"
-- Ree Breeden, Webmaster of www.jamesriverblues.org


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