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Buddy and Hopkins T-Shirts

December 13th, 2004: BUDDY AND HOPKINS COMIC BOOK!!
Released just in time for those last minute holiday gifts for that musician on your list! The Buddy and Hopkins Comic Book is now available at Comixpress! Only $3.00 and it features the first 75 comic strips! WOW! (And yes, I've seen them printed...they look terrific!!)

December 7th, 2004: eCards!
Just in time for the holidays!! Buddy and Hopkins "Sounds of the Season" eCards! Send one to a friend today!

December 1st, 2004: New Venue!
Please welcome aboard to the Buddy and Hopkins 2004 Tour, BandsBackStage.com! This website is a promotional tool for musicians...and so much more! There is just a ton of stuff on there that you really should check out!

November 22nd, 2004: Music Gifts!
New merchandise has been added to the Buddy and Hopkins store just in time for the holidays! Do you have a music lover on your Holiday shopping list?? Get it over with now! There's now three comic strip mugs to choose from...featuring three classic comic strips! As well as the Official T-Shirts and stickers! (Stickers look great on Amplifiers or guitar cases!) Go to the website.


Want to print this?? Click here and then print.

October 24th, 2004: Buddy and Hopkins hits Houston!
Buddy and Hopkins now appears in Night Moves, the Entertainment Monthly by Gator Press. If you live in the Houston area, pick up this great publication! Check out their website.

October 21st, 2004: Buddy and Hopkins and an International Festival!
I received the following email this morning:
"Dear Musician

My name is
(deleted) and I'm in charge of the booking for the Emergenza Festival in 52 venues across U.S. such as the Avalon in Boston, Metro and Double Door in Chicago, TLA in Philadelphia and many others.

I was wondering if you would be interested in having your band perform."

Hmmm...looks like Buddy and Hopkins have to find a drummer fast!

October 11th, 2004: Buddy and Hopkins and the Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine
Buddy and Hopkins appears in the October/November issue of Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine! This is a great 60 page magazine out of the motor city. This particular issue focuses on Juke Joints. For ordering information, check out their website.

September 9th, 2004: Buddy and Hopkins and the Blues Foundation!!!!
I am so pleased to be able to tell everyone that Buddy and Hopkins will now be featured on the Blues Foundation welcome page each week!! The Blues Foundation is THE source for everything that is blues. The welcome page sometimes includes other photos, so if you don't see it immediately, hit your browser's refresh button and you'll see the comic strip eventually.

July 7th, 2004: Blues Societies
It gives me great pleasure to announce that Buddy and Hopkins is back on the James River Blues Society website!

I would also like to announce that a new Blues Society based in Illinois, Bloomington-Normal Blues Blowtorch Society, has joined on with Buddy and Hopkins. The comic strip will be appearing in their print newsletter. Their website is not currently up-and-running.

April 23rd, 2004: Print Publications!
Not only is Buddy and Hopkins making waves on the web, but it's also in some print publications. The Central Illinois Blues Society is the newest Blues Society to feature Buddy and Hopkins in their bi-monthly newsletter! Also, if you're in Canada, check out the Okanagan Music and Entertainment Guide for some Buddy and Hopkins adventures. Finally, FACE -- a publication that distributes in over 400 locations in New Hampshire and Maine -- has used Buddy and Hopkins in their April 2004 issue!

February 29th, 2004: NEW VENUES!!!! A LOT OF NEW VENUES!!!
Wow, everyone is starting to realize the hottest tour in town is the 2004 Buddy and Hopkins Still Full of Gas Tour! Check out these new sites that are now hosting Buddy and Hopkins:

BandFamilyTree.com: Ever wonder what happened to that crazy drummer you use to play with? Now you can check it out at this cool site out of the U.K.! If you are a band member or a one-time musician, you don't want o miss out on this great resource!

NorthJerseyMusic.com: The music scene in Northern New Jersey is thriving! Check out this site to learn about the local players!

San Antonio Blues Society: If you are in San Antonio, Texas or close by, or just a huge fan of Robert Johnson, you should support this great blues society. Click the link to learn more about it and help keep the blues alive!

February 3rd, 2004: KBA Awards/IBC Competition
Well, I just got back from a great time in Memphis for the Keepin' The Blues Alive Awards and the International Blues Competition. Congratulations to BluesWax, which won the Keepin' The Blues Alive award for the Internet! They were kind enough to bring me down for the festivities because they felt that Buddy and Hopkins helped them achieve the award. What a great bunch of folks! Also, I was a judge for the International Blues Competition. What a great time! A lot of great bands playing the blues out there!

January 5th, 2004: Blues band digs Buddy and Hopkins
Check out the After Midnight Blues Band News page..it features a Buddy and Hopkins comic strip! Your website can feature one too, contact me for the reasonable prices!

January 3, 2004: Buddy and Hopkins 2003 Archive!!
Yes, it's true! The 2003 Tour is now archived at OnlineComics.net! The first three strips are free to preview and then it's only a mere five cents to read each additional strip! PayPal accounts are necessary.

January 2, 2004: Buddy and Hopkins have gas!
Buddy and Hopkins has been in publication for one year! Thanks for everyone's support and 2004 will be even better! In addition to the new splash image, you'll notice there's a sign-up for a mailing list. This will help keep you informed on the exciting events of the coming year. Secondly, there's a donation button from PayPal which you can use to "show your love." Don't forget to read the new adventures each week!


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No reprint without permission. Terms of use.

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