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Buddy and Hopkins T-Shirts

Blues Cartoon Character Buddy
Guitarist, singer, and self-proclaimed leader of the band. His two hour solos have been known to cure insomnia. He is determined to become a rock star.

Music Cartoon Character Hopkins
Bassist and Buddy's best friend. He loves playing music almost as much as he loves to eat.

Funny Music Cartoon The Drummer
This spot is constantly rotating as Buddy and Hopkins search for the perfect match for their style. Actually, they'd settle for someone sane.

Music Humor Craig
Rival blues player and Buddy's arch-nemesis. He'd love to have Hopkins' steady grooves backing him up. Plus, he'd have a friend to join him at the all-you-can-eat buffets. His only known weakness is his fondness for pizza.

Hilarious Music Max
The owner of the blues club, Maximum Blues. He befriended Buddy and Hopkins, not because he thinks they have any talent, but because they make him laugh. Only the best blues players perform at Maximum Blues.

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